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A new version of popular open-source 3D animation software Blender is now available to download.

Blender 2.77 — the first update to the client of the year — brings a bunch of welcome improvements to the fore. Among the changes:

  • OpenGL rendering and better anti-aliasing in the UI
  • Customizable motion blur position with support for rolling shutter
  • You can now drag & drop files into the Blender file browser
  • Word wrap support for tool-tips, render-stamp, frame-node
  • New and updated add-ons
  • GPU support for Smoke/Fire and Point Density
  • Edit-mode boolean tool lets you perform quick edits on models
  • Misc. sequencer improvements, including faster gaussian blur effect and white balance modifier
  • Grease pencil stroke sculpting and other improvements
  • OpenVDB caching
  • Updated Python library

For a full look at everything new in Blender 2.77 you can check out the official official Blender website‘s feature guide or the release note’s Wiki page.

Download Blender 2.77

To try the new version out on Ubuntu grab a relevant source tarball package from the Blender website’s downloads page.

Several third-party PPAs also provide the latest Blender releases for Ubuntu 14.04 and up, including this one maintained by Thomas Schiex.

via BlenderNation

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