Earlier in the year we highlighted a small add-on that allows Firefox to deliver desktop alerts using Notify-OSD, Ubuntu’s default notification system.

As a belated follow up we’re highlighting a few ways to make other applications integrate cleanly with Ubuntu and the Unity desktop. First up on our list is everyone’s favourite open-source media player VLC.

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Enable Desktop Notifications in VLC on Ubuntu in Five Clicks

Cajoling VLC into serving up its notifications, useful when it’s running in the background, for example, using Notify-OSD is actually insanely simple. You don’t need to download anything extra or fiddle about with commands – just dive into the preferences to turn on the hidden built-in option.

With VLC open and in focus, click the Tools option in the menu bar followed by Preferences.

The preferences window will open. In the bottom left sit two options to specify the sorts of settings that are shown: ‘simple’ or ‘all’. Click the circle next to ‘all’.

The window will adjust to show an extensive list of settings. Rather than wade through them to find what you need we can use the search bar at the top. Enter ‘notify’ in it and press the Enter/Return key.

From the results that appear select ‘Control Interfaces’ and check the box next to ‘LibNotify Notification Plugin’.

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That’s all there is to it!

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