utopic-unicorn-350x200It’s that time of year again: the first alpha of the Utopic Unicorn has been released.

As is the case for all of the alphas, mainline Ubuntu does not participate, but Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, and Ubuntu Cloud are all taking part. Xubuntu does not appear to be participating this time around, though daily live images are always available.

Utopic Unicorn Alpha 1 includes the Ubuntu Linux kernel.


Kubuntu Alpha 1 includes KDE Platform 4.13.2 released earlier this month. Though the alpha only ships with the current stable release of KDE’s Plasma desktop, you can help test the next generation Plasma 5 from the Kubuntu Next PPA.

Download Kubuntu 14.10 Alpha 1

Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu Kylin features a number of updates in their Alpha 1 release, including version 2.0 of the Kingsoft KuaiPan client that supports Ubuntu One migration and updated versions of the Ubuntu Kylin software centre and China weather app.

Download Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Alpha 1

Other Flavours

In addition to Ubuntu GNOME, Lubuntu, and the other flavours above, Ubuntu Cloud images are available for those wishing to test out the Utopic Unicorn on OpenStack, AWS, and other cloud platforms ahead of release.

And if you’re raring to try out the latest changes in mainline Ubuntu, you can always give one of the daily live images a spin.

Download Lubuntu 14.10 Alpha 1 Download Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 Alpha 1

Download Ubuntu Cloud 14.10 Alpha 1 Download Ubuntu Daily Live Images

Ubuntu 14.10 Alpha 2 is due next month and Beta 1 will follow in late August.

Ubuntu 14.10 Released Schedule

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