After 18 months of support today is the day that the Quantal Quetzal spreads its wings to fly off into the sunset…

Or to be far less flappy about it: ‘It’s time to quit those Quetzal installs and upgrade, yo!’

Ubuntu 12.10 is no longer supported as of May 16, 2014. Canonical advises that those still running it upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (via Ubuntu 13.10).

Changes to the way releases are supported made after the Quetzal was released means its successor, Ubuntu 13.04, has already reached ‘end of life’. 

Support for the 13.10 release ends in July. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will remain backed by key security updates, critical bug fixes and select application upgrades until 2019 (2017 for flavours).

Want to remind yourself of the features that shipped in 12.10? Press play on the video below…

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