UnknownIf your favoured window manager on Ubuntu is the lightweight resource-efficient Fluxbox, read on.  

The default look of Fluxbox leaves a lot to be desired — not that looking good is its aim, of course. Even so, to help bridge parity with the look of regular Compiz-based Ubuntu Leo Iannacone has created a set of themes for the window manager that are based on the Ambiance and Radiance GTK themes used in Unity.

Fluxbox is not a window manager for the fainthearted or novice user. With a focus on remaining as lightweight as possible it forgoes the visual finesse and “usability” tropes those used to fancier feature-packed shells like GNOME or Unity will be accustomed to. There’s no “start menu” and managing running apps can seem intimidating at first.

But while it looks a tad archaic it’s not a total neolith. Colours, style and window decorations can all be ‘themed’ through some canny text file adjustment.

These Ubuntu Light-styled themes go a long way to making the versatile manager look that touch nicer.

Information on using and enabling the themes can be grabbed at the link below. For more on Fluxbox visit the official website. 

Fluxbox ‘Light Themes’ for Ubuntu

Themes Fluxbox