Further refinements to the Ubuntu Touch user experience are on the way.

A new visual approach when calling the ‘content picker’ in Ubuntu Touch has been previewed by the Canonical design team. Referred to as the ‘sheets transition’, the effect aims to make the photo sharing experience on the mobile OS more ‘consistent’.

A video demoing UX changes in multitasking was also recently shared. 

Sheets Transition In Action

Let’s say that you’re in the Gallery app and want to share an awesome photo of an equally awesome cat.

You open the menu and select ‘Share’.  A ‘content picker’ will slide up from the bottom of the screen rather than out from right, which is how most normal app pages transition, to let you select a destination for your image, such as Twitter or Facebook.

After tapping on a destination icon the screen will ‘split’ at the point of your touch to reveal an embedded dialog for sharing. Here you can enter some details about the photo. Once you tap ‘Post‘ the entire screen moves back down to the bottom in a reversal of the original transition. You’re now back at the photo you just shared.

Subtle? Yes. Slick? For sure.

As the effect is still a work in progress don’t be too surprised if it’s altered between now and April, when the next major release of Ubuntu Touch is due for release.

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