lightdm greeter 1.7.1

Fake transparency support for widgets and session selector badges are just two of improvements to arrive in the latest update to the LightDM GTK+ Greeter.

The login screen is used by a number of Ubuntu’s flavours, including Xubuntu, but is entirely separate from the ‘Unity Greeter‘ used in regular desktop Ubuntu.

Along with new options, including a new ‘border radius’ property, that gives designers and theme makers more to toy with, version 1.7.1 of the Greeter also debuts with a number of minor changes and small bug fixes:

  • Username tooltip tweaks
  • Language applet now displays country code labels
  • Login windows can no longer be positioned ‘off screen’
  • Improvements to handling of xscreensaver timeout
  • Login button set as “default” widget

Ubuntu (and associated flavours) users can upgrade to the latest release, version 1.7.1, using the official project’s stable PPA.

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