With Xmas now upon us I wanted to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you a happy Xmas*.

Yes, even those angry commenters whose sole aim is to make me want to glue my head to palm to my face!

Despite much of this seasonal period being overhyped to the point of nausea I do hope that you are able to enjoy the festive break as intended – with family, friends and loved ones. If you get any particularly awesome geeky gifts do feel free to tweet us or tell us about them on Facebook.

Both myself and Sam Tran – who has done a stellar job of filling in for me on numerous occasions this month – will be taking a couple of days off but, rest assured, I’ll be back as soon as the last of the Tofurky has been digested, and Sam will be at the tablet bright eyed and ready to type as soon as the credits finishing rolling on the last episode of his Game of Thrones box set.

And there is plenty to look forward to as early 2014 should be a corker news-wise. January’s CES is set to give us plenty to talk about both here and on our sister site OMG! Chrome!, while the Mobile World Congress taking place in mid-Feburary should reveal a bit more about Canonical’s fledgling mobile foothold.

But before all of that we have some time to relax, fill out faces, and make merry.  Happy holidays folks!

*Feel free to swap ‘xmas’ for your seasonal festival of choice as the sentiment remains sincere.