Ever wanted Steam for Linux to look a bit more, well, ‘Linux‘? With a few clicks this automated hack will give you just that… 

First things first – and it needs to be said – Steam for Linux is far from ugly. It faithfully resembles its Mac and Windows siblings without so much as a stray pixel or misplaced gradient stop.

But when it comes to OS consistency on Ubuntu it does stand out. But it’s possible to ‘hack’ the appearance of the app so that it blends in using a tool called ‘Steam Skin Manager‘.

The app does the hard work for you; when run you simply choose whether you want Steam for Linux to match your  Ambaince or Radiance theme.

Steam Ambiance Skin for Ubuntu
Steam for Linux Wearing an Ambiance Skin

Download Steam for Linux Skin Manager

The tool is distributed as a .deb package and contains everything you’ll need to apply, change and remove skins from Steam.

While the app is no longer being actively developed it does still work.

Future updates to Steam for Linux will likely undo any theming applied, so it may help to keep the app around if you like the look of an integrated Steam client.

As with all third-party packages you install this app at your own risk.

Download Ubuntu Steam Theme

Steam for Linux