Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge campaign has raised more money than any other project on IndieGoGo or Kickstarter – the two post popular crowd-funding platforms.

And in a sign that – as previously reported – Canonical aren’t ready to give up on reaching their goal of $32 million, a new $7000 ‘Enterprise Starter’ perk has been added to the pledge options available.

But we’ll get to what that offers in a moment.

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Ubuntu Takes Pole Position

Top 3

The big campaign news of the day is that, after nearly a month of its assumed happening, Ubuntu Edge has now passed the $10.2 million mark – thus making it the most pledged-to crowd-funder in history.

The previous #1 project – the Pebble smart-watch – raised $10,266,844during its 30-day Kickstarter campaign in April 2012.

While the Ubuntu Edge campaign is to be commended for reaching such a mammoth milestone as this it can’t quite claim ultimate victory over the Pebble just yet.

The Pebble not only met its fundraising goal of (a sober) $100,000 but exceeded it by 10,266%. The Edge remains, at the time of writing,  just short of making one-third of its (not at all sober) $32 million goal.

Can they do it? Time is ticking…

New Enterprise Perk

To help move things along Canonical has added a new perk to entice would-be backers: a $7000 ‘Enterprise Starter Kit’.

At some $73,000 cheaper than their existing enterprise bundle – of which they’ve so far shifted 1 of 50 – it’ll possibly prove attractive to smaller-sized businesses, and those without cash to burn on untested technology like the Edge.

For $7k (assuming funding is met, of course) those backing will get 10 Ubuntu Edge handsets, access to an online workshop, and 14 days of online support to help companies integrate Ubuntu for Android into their workplaces.

Tempted? Hit the button below to visit the IndieGoGo page to learn more or make a pledge.

Ubuntu Edge on IndieGoGo

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