Google developers have today shown off Ubuntu running on …Google Glass.

In a session at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, cheekily titled “Voiding your warranty“, developers shared how to root Google Glass and install an alternative operating system on it. OS of choice for the demo being Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 12.04 on Google Glass
Ubuntu 12.04 on Google Glass

The image you see above – a laptop running Ubuntu relaying the screen of Google Glass in a window – is as sexy as it got in the demo. Yep, just a rooted Android accessing a native Ubuntu install through VNC/SSH.  No eye-controlled Unity; no blink-powered GNOME.

Since it’s unlikely that anyone reading this owns or has access to Google Glass I can save myself the bother of guiding you through the install process (which is a bit of hassle).

But it’s a geekily-cool sight to see, anyway.

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