Poor WUBI – things just continue to look bleaker for the once-innovative installer.

A week or so after being thrown off of the default Ubuntu 13.04 disc image the Ubuntu website is now also warning users not to use WUBI to try Ubuntu 12.10.

When clicking the ”Install from Windows’ link on the Ubuntu download page the following banner appears, advising against using the WUBI tool with Windows 8 or UEFI hardware.

Instead, Ubuntu recommends installing Ubuntu 12.10 64bit on its own dedicated partition – a task that is made easy with Ubuntu’s installer, but not entirely without risk.

WUBI Warning on Ubuntu Website
WUBI Warning on Ubuntu Website

The warning appears following reports of stability and potential data-loss encountered by WUBI users on Windows 8.

Canonical’s Robert Bruce Park recently said of WUBI:

“[It] needs to die a quick and painless death so we can get on with providing positive experiences to new users of Ubuntu.”

Ouch! You can see the new WUBI warning in all its lemon-coloured glory for yourself by hitting the link below.

Ubuntu WUBI Page

Via Jonathan Almeida
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