Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop
Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop

Ubuntu 13.04, the latest version of the worlds most popular Linux distribution, is now available to download.

Sporting a more polished and performant Unity desktop, a smattering of new features, and an ample array of updated applications, it is arguably one of the strongest releases of Ubuntu in a long time.

Key changes include:

  • Faster Unity Desktop
  • New Social Lens
  • New Sync Menu
  • Unity-style session dialogs
  • Workspace item removed from launcher
  • Updated Firefox, LibreOffice and File Manager, among others
  • Linux kernel 3.8.8


You can also hit play on the video overview below to see many of the above changes (and others) in action:

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Torrents and direct download links for Ubuntu desktop and server images can be found behind the button below. Where possible use the torrent links as not only will you get your copy faster, but so will everyone else.

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