Could Sony Entertainment’s massively multiplayer online first person shooter ‘PlanetSide 2’ ever make it on to Linux? 

The ‘freemium’ game, a sequel to the popular 2003 game ‘PlanetSide‘, is currently only available for Windows.

But, if one of the game’s developers is to be believe then there is hope for Linux fans.

Writing on the official Google+ PlanetSide 2 page a developer by the name of ‘blaze’ responded to a query about Linux with this:

If there’s enough of a desire for it, who knows? It’s not something we’re currently focusing on, but be sure to let us know if that would be something you’d be interested in and we’ll take it into consideration!

Diplomatic Response

Chances are that this is nothing more than a diplomatic response. An enthusiastic but non-committal ‘maybe’ curries more favour with people than a cold rigid ‘no’.

Which, funnily enough, is precisely what the President of Sony Online Entertainment gave Linux users back in August.

Answering the question of a Linux port via a Reddit ‘Ask me Anything’ session, SOE’s John Smedley said:

‘[Users] aren’t going to see PlanetSide 2 on Linux [but] will see it on Mac.’

In the same session Smedley also reaffirmed his position on Windows 8, saying that he ‘absolutely strongly‘ believes that the OS won’t be a good thing for PC gamers.

Google+ via Robert Brown (Tips)

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