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New Game Lands on Linux

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Will Dare Up! Wingsuit, a new addition to the Ubuntu Software Center, take off with users?

Like a lot of recent game arrivals on Ubuntu Wingsuit makes it’s debut thanks to the game engine it uses, Unity3D, having added support for exporting games to Linux.

Freefall Fun

The premise of Wingsuit is straightforward: you control your character as they ‘glide’ over a varying mountainous terrain. The closer to the surface you fly the more points you score. The more ‘special moves’ you can pull off the more points you earn.

Just don’t fly too close or you’ll crash!

The game doesn’t deviate from its simplistic-sounding set-up, though the challenge varies depending on your choice of ‘jump off’ point and the terrain near-by. One additional ‘mode’, an in-air Slalom with rings, is available – though I found the challenge an aneurysm waiting to happen!

Customisation options include the ability to change the colour of your suit, and select a ‘gender’ body.

Buying Dare Up! Wingsuit

Although Wingsuit is available for free on Mac OS X and Windows (by way of the Unity Web Browser Plugin) Ubuntu players will first need to buy it through the Ubuntu Software Center for $2.99.

This is the minium price at which Canonical allow developers to sell apps at.

DareUp WingSuit on the Ubuntu Software Center

With no new levels, exclusives, or add-ons to speak of in this “paid” version it’s hard for me to recommend buying it. That isn’t to say that the game isn’t good; it’s an ideal title for those seeking quick, easy and carefree – albeit disposable – gameplay.

But it’s nothing that you won’t find available for free elsewhere.