The latest Humble Indie Bundle has smashed all records previously generated by ‘pay what you want’ sales model after grossing close to $2.5 million dollars in just 2 days.

Profits wise, last December’s Humble Indie Bundle IV had been the biggest grossing collection, pulling in $2.37 million dollars by the end of its two week sale period.

But the latest games collection on offer has already out done that total by generating $2,417,659 dollars in the 2 and a half days it’s been running.

With another 12 days left to go this total is only set to swell even higher…

Linux Users Still Pay Most

The average payment from Linux users for the collection currently sits at $12.14 – some $2.87 more than Mac users are willing to pay, and close to $5 more than that from Windows users.

On a related note, Canonical have teamed up with the Bundle makers to provide easy installation of the games purchased in Ubuntu through the Ubuntu Software Center.