Kubuntu’s new financial backers – Blue Systems – have ‘no plans’ to change the way Kubuntu is run or built.

The Kubuntu Community will continue to decide and manage the direction of the KDE-based distro as they have done in the past.

The news comes directly from the head of Blue Systems in a conversation with Kubuntu developer David Wonderly.

‘Top 10 on DistroWatch’

One ‘goal’ the company head does have in mind for his new acquisition is to see its ranking on DistroWatch improve, although he goes on to say that this is a personal opinion and shouldn’t be seen as him ‘interfering’.

Kubuntu currently ranks at 29th on the site, sitting just one place above the XFCE-based Xubuntu but well below the 11th placed Lubuntu and 2nd place Ubuntu.

Kubuntu’s previous full-time developer, Jonathan Riddell, has been hired by Blue Systems to work on the distro spin full-time.

Canonical announced that they were to drop monetary assistance for the spin earlier this year.