Another title has been added to sweeten the deal of the latest Humble Bundle promotion.

‘Snuggle Truck’, a watered down version of the politically controversial game ‘Smuggle Truck’, sits alongside four other titles as part of the ‘Pay What You want’ offer.

The game, which as well as supporting Windows, Mac, and Android, makes its Linux desktop debut, is available for both new and existing purchasers of Humble Bundle for Android 2 to download.

The Game

“Snuggle Truck is a trials-style, 2D challenge-platformer. Players race a pickup truck filled with stuffed animals to the finish line, while rocks, bumps and other hazards conspire to throw the player’s precious cargo out of the vehicle. The game includes a level editor and access to thousands of user-created levels.”


The latest Humble Bundle has raised over $500,000 in a week. Linux (including Android) users are, once again, the most generous of purchasers, spending on average of $9.82 a bundle – some $4 more than Windows users, and almost $3 extra than Mac users are willing to pay.

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