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Firefox 13 Alpha 2 Appears in the Wild

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.


The second alpha release of Firefox 13 (no, we can barely keep up either) is now available for download.

The release doesn’t see too much in the way of ‘stuff to shout about’, with its new-tab speed dial page and URL address completion having debuted in the nightly builds a few weeks back.

For a full list of what’s new and, just as important during development, what’s broken head to¬†

How to Install Firefox 13 in Ubuntu 10.04 +

If you haven’t had a play with the next-to-next release of Firefox then now’s the time to put on those heat-insulated gloves and burn your paws…

Ubuntu 10.04 through 12.04 users can install the alpha by adding the official Firefox Aurora Builds PPA @ ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/firefox-aurora.

Note that adding and upgrading using this PPA will overwrite your existing stable version of Firefox.