A beta demo release of the text based adventure game Incursion has been made available to download.

The indie game intends to meld old-skool RPG tropes with modern twists, including a ‘non-linear storyline’.

The demo itself consists of only one level (as the game is still in active development), and you don’t get to do much past entering a few names.

The final version of the game will be released towards the end of the year and will retail at a oh-so-tempting 4.

Since our hands-on-preview of the game last month there have been a number of notable changes. The most notable of which is the introduction of an on-screen “character” for you, the protagonist.

More information as to the premise of the game is also given. You (the character) are hunting down a set of artefacts that have fallen into the game world through a rip in the universe. Their presence threatens to destroy pretty much everything in existence.

The visuals and soundtrack to the game are suitably endearing, and the gameplay mechanics on show in the beta will appeal to anyone who ever sat engrossed in DOS dungeon crawlers or Apple II adventure yarns.


So how to get it? The Incursion beta demo is available to download for for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website @ incursion-game.com

Desura fans will also find the game available @ desura.com/games/incursion.

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