Mind Labyrinth

A new retro-styled puzzle game that can be played using the mind is on its way to the Ubuntu Software Center.

Neurosky's Mindwave headset

The 52-level strong puzzle game ‘Mind Labyrinth‘ is the first game on Linux to make use of the wireless Mindwave EEG headset from Neurosky.

With the headset connected and the game open, you will need to put your mind to work inorder to move obstacles, make gears work, and recover health points.

Although the makers of Mindwave don’t provide any ‘official’ support for Linux (or any software demos) the developers of MindLabyrinth, indie game studio ThinkSlow, tell me that the headset does work ‘out of the box’ in Ubuntu.

The Mindwave retails for $99/£99.

Playing Without Headset

If you don’t have a brain-powered controller (and there’s only a slim chance that you do) you don’t have to miss out as Mind Labyrinth can be played using a bog-standard mouse.

In this mode the game feels a little too simplistic; you simply walk a character to a ‘goal’ point by clicking. Admittedly as you progress through levels this becomes a tad tricker, but overall it presents nothing that would tax – or entertain – ardent gamers.

Download a Demo

Although I’ve no word on price the game has already been submitted to the Ubuntu Software Center, so expect to see it available to buy/install shortly.

A demo version of the game can be downloaded by hitting the link below, and further information on the game and the team behind it can be found on the ThinkSlow website.

Download Mind Labyrinth Demo

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