cof_orange_hex1Canonical will show off an ‘exclusive Ubuntu concept design’ at next weeks (10th – 13th January) Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

And, tantalisingly, we’ve been told that the top secret design is ‘so awesome’ that ‘it might just surprise a lot of people in the industry.


Canonical, in their mini CES announcement, don’t give much away. They simple state that they will be showing off  the “…latest in Desktop, Cloud and demonstrations on Ubuntu One, plus an exclusive Ubuntu concept design which will be announced during the show.

Intriguing stuff.

With Canonical investing in Ubuntu’s multi-platform future it’s even possible that the concept design could take the form of an Ubuntu TV, Tablet or Mobile device. Similarly the emphasis on readying Ubuntu Server for life on the ARM platform could also be of note.

The good news is that whatever it is we don’t have long to wait.

And you can bet your bottom dollar (or Pokemon card if that’s all you’ve got) that we’ll be sharing it with you here on OMG! Ubuntu! as soon as we’re allowed to.


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