Ubuntu Desktop team have asked for help in the creation of an Ubuntu derivative that uses ‘GNOME-Shell by default’.

The creation of an ‘Gnobuntell‘ (as no-one but me is calling it) would require the assembly of a committed team of developers capable of maintaining it.

It’s presently unclear how or where such an .iso would be distributed, or what branding would be used, but its creation would go part way to appeasing the minority of user who are unhappy with Ubuntu’s default Unity desktop shipping by default.

While the desktop team usually do a great job at maintaining the desktop set we know that things are not perfect and that we could do a lot better with some extra hands.” said Desktop Team member Sebastien Bacher in a post to the Ubuntu Desktop mailing list.

“It would be really cool if a team stepped up to maintain a derivative iso with gnome-shell by default.”

Other projects needing help

Bacher’s call for help also mentions a number of other projects and packages that are in need of maintaining. These include: –

  • PiTiVi
  • GIMP
  • Tomboy
  • Vala

More information on how to help can be found in the mailing list post @ lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2011-December/003527.html

Thanks to Jeremy