The début album from Italian rock band ‘Garage Orchestra!‘ is pretty special – it was recorded, mixed and mastered using entirely free open-source software.

‘The Decision of Don Rodrigo’, released by Futurebeat Ltd, was recorded at the Italian T.Rex music studio by sound engineer Giorgio Baù.

As well as the studio being kitted out with an impressive bunch of instruments, monitors and decks, the studio runs all of its software on Ubuntu. Amongst the applications used are Ardour, Muse, Hydrogen, Rakarrack and Jamin.

The band have released a promotional video to promote the album (which was not created using FOSS tools ;)). The album is available to buy from iTunes, Nokia and Amazon.

T.Rex isn’t the only FOSS recording studio in Italy - Sonic Studio also uses FOSS tools running atop Ubuntu.

Thanks to Thijs

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