GNOME Shell users are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful looking ‘Shell’ themes – a fact made even more apparent with the updated release of 0rAX0‘s ‘Nord’ theme.

The theme has been rewritten to support GNOME 3.2 (which you’ll find readily available in next weeks Ubuntu 11.10 release) and gained new scrollbars.

Due to the rewrite the developer notes that the update should be considered a ‘beta release’, so if you’re already willing and able to install it do bear this in mind.

Click to Download GNOME Shell Theme 'Nord'Installation is typical for GNOME Shell themes: –

  • Download and extract the ‘Nord’ folder to the .themes directory inside your Home folder, using the ‘Theme Selector’ GNOME Shell extension to select it.
  • Alternatively backup then replace /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme with the Nord theme.
Thanks to David Nielsen 
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