A new settings package available to install Kubuntu 11.10 claims to reduce memory usage and speed up boot times.

The package, aptly (no pun) named Kubuntu-Low-Fat-Settings, provides a set of ‘configuration options that …reduce memory usage as well as speed up KDE’s loading time’ by as much as 32% and 33%respectively.

The aim of the package is to allow users of older hardware the opportunity to run the Kubuntu desktop at an acceptable speed.

What’s the catch?

There is a ‘cost’ to using the Low Fat Settings package; inorder to create resource savings you lose various ‘eye candy’ functionality: –

  • Turns off compositing by default
  • Reduces the number of Krunner plugins loaded by default
  • Reduce the amount of effects used in the window decoration
  • Disables the automatic loading of various system modules – such as the free space notifier, Nepomuk services, and others

Get it

Want in? The“kubuntu-low-fat-settings”package can be installed in Kubuntu 11.10via the Muon Software Centre.

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