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Fusion Blue GTK Theme

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

When I think ‘blue-coloured desktop themes’ my mind instantly recalls the harsh Crayola hues of Windows XP. Can Fusion Blue GTK heal those wounds?

Kind of. Fusion Bluesteers clear of bold blue, opting for a more sedate ‘aquamarine’ affair. In places, such as the Unity panel, it can sometimes appear metallic.

In my opinion the theme is let down by the poor choice of complimentary colour: a Windows 95-style grey that gives the theme a “WIP” look; almost like the colour has yet to be decided for the rest of it.

Things to note: –

  • Requires use of modded Faenza icon pack
  • Window controls are placed to the right

Things to love: –

  • Comes with a Unity panel theme

Things that could be better: –

  • The grey used throughout the theme is very ‘Windows 95

Download button for Fusion GTK