I’ve refrained from featuring non-free/paid apps/games for a bit now, but feel this one deserves its place as Download of the Week: Oil Rush

From Unigine, the company that develops the cross-platform 3D engine for Linux, Mac, Windows, and PS3, comes a new RTS game called Oil Rush.

Oil Rush
Battle in the City

In this fast-paced, real-time naval strategy game, you must not only out-drill your openents for oil, but also amass your army by capturing other platforms and subsequently defending them from invasion tower-defense style.

If you spend too much of your efforts pumping oil, your enemy will take over all the platforms in the sea and quickly destroy you; however, if you focus too intently on capturing other towers without spending time drilling and upgrading your arsenal, your enemy will capture all of the oil and leave you with no fuel for your forces.

The key is to think quickly, act quickly, and most importantly, form a balance of resource gathering and terrain acquisition.

Oil Rushis now available in the Ubuntu Software Center for Maverick/Natty i386/amd64 at the price of $19.95. While the game is still in development, you will receive instant access to the latest beta which is already quite polished. Please note that you will need a beefy video card, even at low settings, for an enjoyable experience with this game. For more details, please visit the Oil Rush website.

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