Novacut’s recent success on Kickstarter has kickstarted an raft of Linux-based projects contacting us for coverage of their money-drives on the unique social funding service.

One that caught our eye was ‘In The Dark’ by Escapement Studios.

Like a lot of indie games produced recently ‘In The Dark’ is a 2D puzzle-platformer boasting a unique gameplay concept involving light and shadows.

“…we designed a world in which imagination could take over where your childhood left off – a world in which monsters exist, lurking within the shadows, threatening to snatch you up the moment you leave the safety and comfort of the light.”


The game is built on a modified version of LÖVE – the game engine that powers our very own ‘Volleybrawl’.

Money will be used to ‘fund artists so they can take time away from their normal paying jobs to make any more progress on the game.’

The game will be commercially available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS in early 2012. Ports for iOS and Android are also on the cards.

However, that’s only going to happen if they get their funding. If you fancy chucking in a dollar or two – and remember there’s no pressure to do so – head over to

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