With just over two days to go, indie game ‘In the Dark’ is almost at the half-way stage of its funding target.

The developers, Escapement Studios, are seeking $10, 000 to fund developmentof the game which includes ports for Linux and Android.

The deadline for their goal is August 26th.

Gameplay video

As an update for interested parties, as well as an appetisers if you weren’t sold first time around, here are a few updates.

First up is a video of actual game play footage that helps to provide a better overview of the gameplay style and dynamics.With ‘In The Dark’ based around a unique premise, seeing the game ‘in action’ highlights just how well the concept works in gameplay.

And hey – the ‘shadow monster’ you play as is rather damn cute, isn’t it?


Currently the project has reached $4,292 of its $10,000 goal, with 58 hours left at the time of writing.

Two of the available pledge rewards have been amended since our original post earlier this month, namely: –

  • Pledge $15 or more and you’ll nab a copy of the game when it’s released
  • Pledge $20 or more and you’ll nab a special edition copy of the game with extra content and extra levels
Of course, you remain free to pledge as little as $1 or as much as you like, with various extra rewards for those dolling out significant stacks of dollars.

But as with all projects funded through Kickstarter if the monetary goal isn’t met by the deadline no-one pays anything and the project gets nothing.

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