Linux-supported DotA clone ‘Heroes of Newerth’is now free for all to play.

So why the change? Developer of HoN, ‘S2 Games’, hope the move will ‘lower the barrier of entry’, making it easier for new players to join in and playalongsidetheir buddies.

“As you may have heard, HoN is now operating under a new, free-to-play model. This was a strategic transition intended to grow our community and solidify HoN as a major player in the ever-growing genre. A thriving player base is part of the content that makes HoN great. This transition empowers us to grow an even larger, more active player base, which will ultimately benefit everyone.” ~ S2 Games

Prior to this move access to the game had costed $30.

InHeroes of Newerthtwo teams, positioned either side of a map, attempt to take either others’s ‘base ‘using auto-spawning ‘creeps’, whilst also defending their own bases using ‘Towers’. A ‘battle’typically lasts 40-50 minutes.

Free and Verified Accounts

For newcomers to the game there are two account types available: –

Free/Basicaccounts cost nothing bar the time it takes to sign up.Verified Accountsare upgraded Free accounts that are obtained after reaching Level 5 (estimated to be around 70 games) or by purchasing a set number of in-game “Goblin Coins”.

Both accountsare able to choose between a set of 15 free heroes, with the option to purchase new heros as and when they are released.

Legacy Accountsareavailable for those who had paid for the game prior to the free model. Legacy Accountsoffer exclusive benefits, includingaccess to all HoN heroes for life, advanced use of new heroes and option to play battle matches with only ‘verified’ players.


Heroes of Newerth is available for Linux and can be downloaded (577 MB) from the official site an account (free) inorder to play.

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And because a song about the original ‘DotA’ is never inappropriate (although various parts of this video are):

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