Transmission 2.31 released for Ubuntu

An update to multi-platform BitTorrent application ‘Transmission’ has been made available in the Transmission PPA.

Amongst the changes present in the Linux version are: –

  • TP (Micro Transport) support
  • UDP tracker support
  • Multiscrape support
  • Now downloads the scarcest pieces of a torrent first
  • New 256 x 256 icon
  • Register as Magnet link handler

The full change log can be found @


Transmission 2.31 can be installed/upgraded in Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 using the official Transmission Stable PPA.

Add ‘ppa:transmissionbt/ppa’ to your Software Sources, and then run Update Manager to upgrade.

@goramallu via linoob

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