A new release of semantic file and application search tool ‘Synapse’ has been made available for download.

synapse-0.2.6 (1)

Although similar in function to other launchers, such as GNOME Do or Launchy, the vala-written Synapse is lightweight in resource use and fast in presenting a variety of results thanks to tight Zeitgeist integration.

This latter feature is what helps set Synapse apart as it is kitted out with the ability to do much more than simple aid you in launching your favourite applications in a key-combo press.

You can view recent files and folders, queue music in Banshee, find definitions to words and a whole lot more.

The new stuff

The change-log to this release, codenamed ‘Aspartate‘, reads thusly: –

  • A new dark theme
  • SSH plugin
  • Categories are now clickable
  • Scroll-wheel support for results list
  • Drag & Drop files from Synapse window to any other window
  • Synapse now stays on top
  • User interface speedups
  • KDE (Kwin) compatibility


Synapse can be installed on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 via the official PPA of the project.  Just add ppa:synapse-core/ppa to your software sources, update and search for ‘Synapse’ in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Source packages are also available, downloadable here.

Via | codingyourdreams

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