Banshee 2.0 is out and default in Natty which is all good and well but.. Banshee has not been resting. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, these new features are presented to you as screenshots.

Here is the Banshee 2.0 we know and love:

It can be made a little less boring by enabling the browser:

But it was suggested that the Artist browser really isn’t that interesting so available today as a patch is a brand new artist browser which better illustrates artists with multiple albums. It has both a default multiple line version and a compact single line version.

More music reseller options? Yes, please!

If you want new stuff without compiling on your own, the daily builds have just gotten initial integration with the eMusic music reseller. Like with the Amazon MP3 and Jamendo integration downloads will automatically be added to your library and streaming will be performed through Banshee.

eMusic like Amazon has anaffiliate program which generates revenue from sales,an affilate code is being requested by the GNOME Foundation so it is likely that as with Amazon all revenue from this will go to GNOME (but no official statement has been made on this yet – so tread with care).

Did you know that running banshee –smooth-scroll will reveal a sexy experimental feature on Banshee 2.0+?

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