The bi-annual call for designers to get creating Ubuntu release-date countdown widgets has been made.

As in the past, the contest allows users to flex their design digits and create a small 180x150px ‘widget’ that counts down daily to Ubuntu’s release.

Guideline specifics along with submission details can be found on the Ubuntu wiki @

In short the requirements are: –

  • Entries should be 180px wide by 150px high
  • No PHP or flash
  • Ubuntu 11.04 beta changes from the code name of “Natty Narwhal” to “Ubuntu 11.04” – thus don’t focus on ‘Narwhal’ in your graphics
  • Facebook app, Android widgets and other ideas welcome
  • The deadline is Monday April 4th

Current entries

So far only one banner design has been submitted, but it’s genius.

AndraĄs Bognair has taken the layout of Ubuntu’s new default desktop interface – that’s Unity if you’re unaware – and used it as a basis for the countdown. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but by jove it does: –

clickmeNeed inspiration? Previous entries can be seen here.

Want a countdown widget for Android? There’s already one available.

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