Anyone pulling the Launchpad branch of Wingpanel – the space saving desktop panel – today may be in for a surprise…

The ‘clipped winged’ approach taken previously has now morphed in to something more panel-esque, at least by default: –

New look elementary desktop?

Why the change? Wingpanel was one of many ideas borne out of experimentation by elementary team as they play around with new concepts and ideas on improving the user-experience for users.

In fact, the new look ‘Wingpanel’ code above resembles a recent elementary desktop mock-up by Dan Rabbit: –

Dan teases, saying that ‘some parts of this mockup exists in real code’, and that the Dock used is not Docky, AWN, Cairo-Dock or ‘any other dock you know.

Intrigued? We’ll be allowed to share a bit on this shortly.

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