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Wingpanel updates: now less wing, more panel

Anyone pulling the launchpad branch of Wingpanel - the space saving desktop panel - may be in for a surprise...

2 February 2011
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Create a minimialist ‘Wingpanel’ using AWN [Video]

Minimalistic desktop panel app 'Wingpanel' looks good but remains far too unstable for everyday use. In the meantime it's easy to 'recreate' the look of a side-bound mini-panel using other applications.

9 January 2011
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Minimal GNOME-panel replacement ‘Wingpanel’ gets a PPA [Updated]

Ever wanted to try the sexy Wingpanel but were scared of building from source? A noble soul by the name of Taylor "Ripps" LeMasurier-Wren has created a PPA for us to use.

2 January 2011
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Create a ‘wingpanel’ effect using the default gnome panel

Reader Vjjustin has written up an interesting little tutorial on creating a ‘wingpanel’-style panel using nothing more than the default GNOME panel.

29 December 2010
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Elementary’s new Wingpanel in action

I took some time today to fight with libindicators and fix some issues the current wingpanel. It is as a very experimental piece of software. And by no means is it the new panel for elementary.

22 December 2010
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Wingpanel – elementary’s slick new space-saving panel project

Wingpanel is a new 'space-saving top panel' created by, you've guessed it, the elementary team.

19 December 2010