With the release of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 2 many of you will be grabbing the nearest USB stick available and taking the Narwhal for a whirl.

If you’re a dual booter using Windows then try out LiLi – a free, open-source windows-based Linux Live USB creator.

Why LiLi?

LiLi is a simple, straightforward and intuitive application to use; perfect for Windows users looking to try out Linux but not wanting to waste physical media or install directly to hard disk.

Feature list time: –

  • Built-in virtualization feature lets you run your Linux USB in Windows – no reboot necessary
  • Easy slider and checkbox let you set persistence levels to store data
  • Option to hide ‘Linux’ files to keep your key clean
  • Automatic ISO integrity check
  • Works with .IMG files

But doesn’t Ubuntu/UNetbootin do this?

Regardless of your preferred tool it’s always nice to be aware of choices and Linux Live USB is a great one at that.

From personal experience I can attest to LiLi saving my butt so many times.

Where other ‘USB disc creators’ have produced hit and miss results – sometimes the resulting USB has worked fine, other times it’s taken multiple goes to get a USB capable of booting past the familiar name of ‘H. Peter Anvin’ – LiLi has always worked.


LiLi can be nabbed from the official site @ linuxliveusb.com/en/download.

A new Beta release is also available adding: –

  • Auto-detecting the latest SysLinux bootloader
  • Persistence for Debian 6.X
  • Download folder for Linux distros can be set
  • Install-Only flag for Linux distros without Live mode
  • Free space calculation is more accurate

This can be download @ linuxliveusb.com/en/more-downloads

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