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‘Ubuntu Unleashed 2011’ released

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ubuntu Unleashed 2011The 2011 iteration of popular Ubuntu guide ‘Ubuntu Unleashed’ is now available for order.

Whilst I don’t have a copy of this edition in my hand to review I will promote this solely on one thing: that the 2008 version is still helping my out today – almost 3 years on.

Quick blurb from Amazon: –

“Some books excel at helping beginners take baby steps. There is some beginning material in Ubuntu Unleashed 2011 Edition. However, this book is intended for anyone who wants to move beyond the basics of using Ubuntu into the realm of an intermediate or advanced user.”

It covers pretty much everything – from installing applications and configuring your network to solving issues, tweaking the kernel and more. It even comes with Ubuntu 10.10 CD inside the back sleeve.


A physical copy of the book costs (at the time of writing) $29.99/£27.57 respectively from Amazon. A Kindle edition is also available for £20.68.