“Snow is falling, all around us, children singing – having fun! Tis the season for…”

Yeah whatever. It’s all about the presents, right?

Check in below for 5 gloriously bizarre Ubuntu 10.10-related presents that are sure to put a smile (or at least a look of false-gratitude) on your nearest and dearest this yuletide.

Meerkat Puppet

Missed out having a hand in Maverick first time round? Here’s a second chance – albeit in the form of a Maverick shaped puppet.  Alexander the Meerkat Soft Toy Hand Puppet - 19620

I won’t ask what you might use him for but Alexander the Meerkat Hand Puppet is available on Amazon for £9.99 and could make for some simple-xmas-entertainment-with-a-message-behind-it-type fun at the dinner table.

Meerkat Chatimal

If you’ve ever complained that the Maverick Meerkat doesn’t do you things your way then maybe invest in a Meerkat Chatimal.

Chatimal: Meerkat

The height of annoying gifts, this meerkat records and repeats whatever you say over and over and over and over again, in a voice that changes from squeaky to baritone  at random.

Here’s the Hamster version in action, going head to head with Jeremy Paxman:

Meerkat Chatimal is available from around £16.99, depending on where you shop.

Meerkat t-shirt

imageOver to the Canonical store now for some ace Meerkat-branded wearable’s.

The tee design sported right is available in various sizes in both women and men styles and starts at a not-too-shabby £10.85.

Buy at the Canonical store

Adopt a Meerkat

Help maintain a real living meerkat with this adoption kit.

imageThe recipient of this gift gets  a12 month adoption of a meerkat at  the only meerkat preservation project in the world.

A personalised supporter certificate, meerkat photo and other goodies are included.

Adopt A Meerkat Gift Box – £9.99 on Amazon.co.uk

Wind up Meerkats

No this isn’t a wind up, these two wind-up racing Meerkats, complete with red Fezzes, are available for £6, making them a perfect stocking filler for the Maverick fan in your life.

Nab the ticking twosome from various online retails for around £6

And don’t forget…. Ubuntu CD bundle

Whether a gift for yourself or an aid to Ubuntu adoption, this pack of three Ubuntu CD’s (Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop, Server and Kubuntu 10.10) is great value and would make for an interesting stocking filler.


Buy now at the Canonical store for £4.00.

Note: this article was updated October 2014 to remove dead links.

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