As i battled trying to fix my Ubuntu desktop yesterday (seriously kiddies, leave Natty alone!) a comment by Andy Piper got lost in the moderation queue. (All comments that contain links have to be pre-approved thanks to a jolly bout of racist/neo-Nazi linkage posted a while back).

Not being able to access the .deb for the newly-introduced change log – hence my gratitude for so many of you supplying screenshots – I missed out on some, frankly, more notable additions to the upgrade than mono icons.

So what did I miss out mentioning yesterday: –

  • Basic MPRIS2 support

This is the “big draw” in this release on reflection. Andy talks more: –

They have done an upgrade from MPRIS to MPRIS2 Dbus support and that should enable us (the community) to start to build in additional coolness like indicator support, media keys and sound menu support.

I created a basic sound menu integration script earlier today, and the spotify-notify project ( has been providing GNOME media key bindings and desktop notifications already – although that needs updating due to the MPRIS / DBus changes in this release.

Many bugfixes.

TrackList, PlaybackStatus, LoopStatus, Shuffle, Position, Volume and Rate is not implemented.

Based off Mac/Windows version of Spotify (0.4.8)

Enabled PulseAudio backend.

Changed to use a monochrome tray icon.

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