Charbax over at poked us with news of a new video interview heĀ  conducted with Frederic Baille, the founder of the Ubuntu-based Linutop OS.

The interview contains a demo of the newly launched Linutop 4.0 OS.

The Linutop OS, which uses the XFCE desktop environment, comes tweaked, optimised and secured for primary use in public situations – such as in Internet Kiosk’s, lobbies, waiting rooms, etc.

Whilst the OS is sold pre-installed on small, low-power devices that lack any moving parts the company have just launched a downloadable demo version of the latest version, Linutop 4.0, that anyone can download and try out on their existing PC @

Linutop founder and CEO Frederic Baille talking about Linutop

Better yet Charbax reports that support for an ARM Powered solution is being considered, as soon as several popular low-cost designs are widely available.

Interview Video
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