Ever wanted to try out Ubuntu’s educational spin ‘Edubuntu’ without having to download huge .iso’s and install additional applications?

Well now you can!

The Edubuntu team are offering up free 2 hour online ‘virtual’ sessions to users interested in learning more about the OS.

Dubbed ‘Edubuntu WebLive’ – very neat name – the innovative service has only one precondition of use: that prospective parties be running Java on either Linux, OS X, Windows or Solaris. Other than that the entry requirements are minor.


As Edubuntu’s Jonathan Carter notes the WebLive edition of Edubuntu lacks some of the more interesting features that the spin ships with – such as the Gnome Nanny parental control application.

The test server is located in Frankfurt, Germany and users logging on from outside Europe should be aware of latency issues that might ensue as a result. A 10 user limit is currently instituted.

Interested? Find the WebLive session at the link below and don’t forget to spread the word to others who you think would benefit from learning more about Edubuntu.


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