It may be the most powerful consumer-orientated video editor for the Linux desktop but OpenShot has long held a website not-quite befitting its awesome status.

That is until today. 


OpenShot creator/founder/superman Jonathan Thomas announced the launch of OpenShot’s brand new – and dare I say swish – website today.

The Django and Blogger powered site sees the video editor present all of the information a curious user needs to know (as opposed to the sometimes superfluous trappings many a developers ego permits space for) in a visually striking package.

Thomas talks more about the new look: –

“This new site is built with Django, my favorite Python web framework! Of course, the blog section is still hosted on Blogger, until I have time to integrate that into Django also. I was able to modify the Blogger template to share the same style and menus, so it creates the illusion that there is only one website”

Visit the new site @

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