Users concerend about the appearance of the current default wallpaper in Ubuntu 10.10 beta may be pleased to hear, from Mark Shuttleworth no less, that a ‘revamped’ default wallpaper is being made in light of user feedback.

The original plan for Maverick’s desktop wallpaper was, in Mark’s words: –

To make the desktop have a unique style, but be personal to every different PC. In essence, the wallpaper for the Lucid->12.04 series is a symphony of light and light-related effects, and we want to make it so every day, each of those lights and effects moves just a little bit for each user, in a different direction. So, at release time, all the wallpapers look the same, but over the course of a month or so they all end up being different. For each release, we’d vary the “elements” a little, i.e. the number and relative strength of lights / flares / blurs.

Otto from the Canonical design team explains the ‘generative wallpaper’ idea further on the Canonical Design blog.

Bane or Boon

Mark’s comments were made to a thread on the Ayatana mailing listr titled ‘OMG! Ubuntu! – Bane or boon?’. The thread was a result of our own readers reactions to the initial default wallpaper for 10.10.

Wallpaper maverick