A new version of Linux video editor OpenShot has been released today, some 5 months after the previous stable release was made back in March this year.

A large selection of new features certainly make this release worth the wait. Improved stability, the addition of 3D animated titles powered by Blender and a rejigged  ‘Preferences’ dialogue all sit amongst the changes.

Other enhancements include: –

  • Custom Transitions
  • New Audio & Video Effects including Chroma hold
  • Time-line Improvements / Animations
  • Improved Effects User Interface
  • New netbook friendly theme
  • Razor Improvements (now supports snapping to play-head)
  • Improved Language Support (Rotate effect now works in all locales)
  • New DVD Export (Create compliant DVD images)
  • Improved Exporting of different frame-rates

As is tradition with OpenShot releases, its creator Jonathan Thomas has made an accompanying video highlighting the new features: –


Sadly OpenShot still insists on using its own icon theme rather than adhering to the users default.

This certainly annoys many of you out there as our poll back in May this year suggested; a whopping 91.72% (1,163) of you said you’d prefer OpenShot to use your default theme.


The OpenShot PPA provides the latest version for  easy installation and updating on Ubuntu 9.10 or greater

To add it open a Terminal and enter the following two lines carefully: –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonoomph/openshot-edge

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openshot

.deb installers are also provided but note that they only work on Ubuntu 10.04 or higher.

Picture & source | OpenShot

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