Afro over on our sister site OMG! SuSE! just posted a neat little guide on getting web browsers Google Chrome & Opera to look all neat and tidy within the KDE desktop.

Since the tips also apply to Kubuntu users I thought I’d highlight the Chrome tweaks specifically since almost 60% of OMG! Ubuntu! readers use it… 

Make Chrome look native in Kubuntu

Stepping up the bling factor for Google Chrome/ium under KDE is a straightforward, if sadly necessary, tweak-a-thon: 

  • Download the Krome theme from, courtesy of user gefarion.
  • Apply the theme in Chrome by dragging the .crx file into a new tab in Chrome.
  • Right-click the upper window area in Chrome and select ‘Use system title bar and borders’
Next steps are a little more tricky, but follow them word-for-word and you shouldn’t go wrong: –

  • Find the "Personal Settings manager” in KDE and head to "Appearance."
  • Click on the "Windows" section in the sidebar and go to "Window Specific Overrides" under "Decoration Options".
  • Open up Chrome again and place the windows where its not blocked by other windows.
  • Click "Add" in the settings window then click on "Detect Window Properties" and select any Chrome window.
  • Check the "Background style" box and then in the drop-down window select "Solid Color".
  • Now Google Chrome will play marriage with the default Oxygen theme on your Kubuntu desktop.


For the Opera hack head over to

Thanks goes to Afro @omgsuse

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