Users of Logitech’s ‘G15’ keyboard may be interested in the Gnome15 project which has created a set of tools which, in use with its sister daemon G15daemon, provide access to extra keys and the LCD screen available on the Logitech G15 keyboard.

“The tool is written using Python and PyGTK, this feature packaged first release contains a macro recorder supporting multiple profiles and automatic switching based on the active window.”


Images of four of the 'screens'

A plugin framework provides access to many useful ‘screens’ that can be displayed on the LCD, including: –

  • A simple clock
  • Indicator Me – Displays your current presence status.
  • Screensaver – Detects when screensaver becomes active and dims the keyboard and displays a message.
  • Volume monitor
  • Weather. Displays current outlook, temperature, and 4 day forecast using Google weather API.
  • System Monitor – Displays current CPU, Network and Memory summary.
  • Rhythmbox – Displays current track information, progress and current Rhythmbox volume
  • Experimental video player


  • Control the keyboard backlight level. Stores the last setting and sets it when you login. You can also cycle though levels using left / right mouse wheel if you have it.
  • Automatically cycle through screens (configurable).
  • Cycle through screens using the mouse wheel over the panel applet.


Currently there are no pre-built packages but the tools can be built from source.

Gnome15 requires the the Gnome15daemon to also be installed. You can find both @

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