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Linux video editor PiTiVi sees new release, brings fixes galore

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ubuntu’s default video editor PiTiVi 0.13.5 has been released today, just in time for inclusion in Ubuntu 10.10.

With the new version addressing stability and usability issues rather than adding ‘flashing new features’ the release sees many bug fixes and annoyances fixed, including: –

  • periodic backup of the current project file (it’s missing the remove the backup once we exit part though)
  • easy crossfading transitions by overlapping clips
  • better icon metaphors for link/unlink actions
  • pixel-perfect icons for various toolbar icons
  • new “add keyframe” button (and keyboard shortcut)
  • the “missing plugins” installer has been fixed
  • various performance improvements (less conversions, faster linking)

The team also stress that whilst they continue to work on new features for the editor – such as video effects – they care about quality upmost, hence this release.

Effects coming to PiTiVi real soon

PiTiVi tester Jeff ‘nekohayo’ Fortin Tam, blogging on the release, does give users a small update as to the status of the long-desired effects work:

“The user interface needs a little bit of love and the branch needs testing, but it is mostly there. It will get reviewed and merged and should make it into the next release that will soon follow.”

We’ve been testing the effects branch over the last few months and it is certainly shaping up to be great stuff.