Broadcasting via the IceCast or ShoutCast services is made easy with the humouredly titled BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool).


Amongst the applications many features is the ability to record and stream simultaneouslyin different bitrates. For example you can stream at 96kpbs and record at 192kbps.

Other features include:

  • supports IceCast and ShoutCast· supports ogg and mp3
  • streaming and recording simultaneously with different bitrates
  • vu-meter
  • switchable lcd informations (left mouse on the display)
  • changeable display colors
  • hideable info window· automatic reconnection

Download and install

Butt needs to be installed from source – which isn’t as painful as it sounds.

Download the latest archive from the Butt sourceforge page.

Once the download has finished extract the archive somewhere accessible .

Open a terminal and enter the extracted folder using the ‘cd’ command.

Now enter:

sudo apt-get install libmp3lame0 libvorbis-dev portaudio libfltk-dev

Followed by:

./configure && make

If you see no errors you can finish up with

sudo make install

Thanks, Rowen

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